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zip code 11004
phone (718)347-8808

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The has been reviewed 8 times, and has an average rating of 9.75.

Review by: Zack Marton
Review date: July 13, 2018, 7:45 pm
Rating: 9
Amazing service is provided by them, love the packages mentioned and had great experience booking with stay123. I will book again with them.

Review by: Kevin Pratt
Review date: February 26, 2013, 5:16 pm
Rating: 9
I did not know about this site until my rambling little brother told me, and I am sure that there are others like me who do not know such a neat alternative exists to airport parking:
You arrange a room from the stay123 hotel roster for the night before your flight or cruise, and for the (bargain, I might add) rate of that 1 night room you get breakfast, a ride to and from the cruise port/airport terminal, and secure parking for the duration of your trip.
I especially like that I do not have to worry about missing my flight anymore, or hunt for that last-minute spot. This site makes it very easy from start to finish, and they have plenty of customer support if you need it. I gave them a 9 instead of a 10, because I wish they operated in Europe as well!

Review by: Charla DiNapoli
Review date: December 22, 2012, 2:43 pm
Rating: 10
When you find something great, you just want to share. Nowadays, when people really don't seem to come through for one another, it's just so terrific to find a business that goes that extra mile to do the best they can for you. And it didn't hurt that I wound up saving about 50% over what I would have paid just to leave my car sitting in an airport lot. Nice hotel selection, fast follow up, expert service and advice. If only every business were like that. Stay123 is my favorite!

Review by: Gail Kalman
Review date: October 12, 2012, 11:14 pm
Rating: 10
I love the whole concept of park & fly to begin with, and is where I always seem to find the best rate, often by a lot. The site is easy to use, and the staff is friendly if you have a question or need to make a change. Love saving money most of all.

Review by: Wilfredo&Eunice Guerrero
Review date: September 20, 2012, 3:35 pm
Rating: 10
We were online searching for airport parking while on vacation. Hotel was perfect solution for timing and package benefits. We were happy with the ease of booking, the folow up was very good and the hotel prices were the best by comparison. Very good booking experience.Will use them again. i highly recommended

Review by: tomwrightsman
Review date: September 5, 2012, 8:58 pm
Rating: 10
we started using stay123 for the dramatic savings, and then stayed with them for the capable and friendly way they handle changes, and just generally always come through. love them.

Review by: Heather
Review date: June 27, 2010, 3:06 am
Rating: 10
I looked through several searches and ended up booking Hacienda LAX through stay123. They beat the rate advertised at 2 other sites for the same hotel with 2 weeks of free parking, and didnt charge ANY fees at all. There were other searches that offered the same package but tried to charge administrative fees on top of the full rate. I also had a change of plans and they easily accommodated my request, changed the dates with ease, and sent me new emails with new dates. Would definitely book with them again. :)

Review by: Katherine Jones
Review date: June 26, 2010, 9:42 pm
Rating: 10
Stay123 has the best rates for Newark airport hotels and parking package. We had a very good experience booking with stay123. I will recommend them to everyone.

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